Hey, Busy Friend!

I see you trying to do all the things. You want a more natural lifestyle for your family, and animals, but you’re just a little overwhelmed.

I’ve been where you are…too many irons in the fire and still feeling like you need to do more. Take a moment, and a deep breath, and think about this.

It’s time to slow down just a bit.

Take a deep breath.

Let’s figure out what’s most important to you.

Hi! I’m Deborah, aka The Wise Woman.

You know me by one of the names above depending upon how you met me…online or at a living history event sharing about herbs and essential oils.

In both instances, I share how to create your own natural lifestyle and would love to be your guide. First recommendation: Pause all the googling and searching for how to ______ and first focus on the one skill that matters most to your family, creating a more natural lifestyle.

Secondly, realize that you don’t have to be “all in” on this idea. We will be picking and choosing what’s best for our family and our needs.

Are you ready to dip your toe in the water?

And if you happen to be curious about homesteading, then know this…

No. You don’t have to milk a cow, gather chicken eggs, or grow oodles of vegetables to create your own homestead.

(But, you can if you want to.)

To me, your homestead is where your heart is and you can make it your own. ~Deborah