Hi! I’m Deborah Robinson. Come on in and sit a spell! We love having conversations where we can encourage each other in our faith while we discuss raising livestock, homeschooling, and natural living on the homestead! We might even have some pictures from our latest living history event to share. Would you like a cup of hand roasted coffee or do you prefer herbal tea?

In this picture you’ll see three of our children. This was taken several years ago, but it’s one of my favorites. Channa, on the right, has her own business raising and training horses, mainly Gypsy Cobs, and Jack Russell Terriers. Caraline, on the left, is married now and has her own little girl. Her family has a great start to their little homestead. Then, there’s Craig, our caboose.

About Me

  • Natural Living Educator, Herbalist and Animal Aromatherapist
  • B.S. Animal Science, Texas A&M University
  • M. Ed. Elementary Education, math emphasis, SFASU
  • Pursuing evidence based education in the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy since 2005.
  • Currently working with Dr. Roark, the Essential Oil Vet as Animal Aromatherapy Course and Membership Group Administrative Assistant and Customer Experience Manager (Since May 2017)
  • Ranching with husband, Marc, since 1994
  • Homeschooling children (two graduates): Currently ages 14-25

What you can expect…

  • Support – I have set up several support systems for you whether you are one of our essential oil customers, a student in the learning center, or following us here on the (future) blog or on social media. Hey, I plan to tackle the trickiest part of homesteading for you – knowing how to effectively use essential oils and herbs for your family and your animals and pets. The rest of what we will talk about will be icing on the cake.
  • Authenticity, Honesty and Integrity – What you see is what you get. I humbly offer up my knowledge of using essential oils and herbs, homesteading and ranching, homeschooling, and running a business from home. However, I want you to know up front I am NOT an expert gardener. Okay, there…it’s out. I do love to garden and I have learned a few tricks to help you get started. However, we are not growing all of our own food. It is something we are working on and it is important. That brings me to the next point…
  • Realistic expections – It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say…”Oh, I could never do that.” Or, “I just don’t have enough time.” You know why I think this happens in the homesteading world? We have a preconceived idea of what a homestead is and is not. We compare ourselves to others and decide we don’t have enough time or money (or land) to be able to “homestead”. I’m going to help you get some breakthrough here. Your homestead is where your heart is…your homeplace…the place you call home and raise your family. So, let’s stop comparing ourselves to others and focus on the needs and desires of our family.
  • Good Sense of Humor – This is a non-negotiable. We must stop taking ourselves so seriously. Really. Plus, you need a good sense of humor if you’re going to raise animals. Right?