Are you a woman that wants to manage her time and create a healthy HOMEstead while creating income for your family? If so, you’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Deborah Robinson. I’m a rancher’s wife, homeschooling momma, grandma (GiGi), business owner, and living history coordinator. Phew! Yep! We have quite a few irons in the fire around this ranching homestead.

Now gentlemen, and ladies for that matter, if you’re looking for a prospective Charolais bull, cow, or heifer to add to your herd..check out our registered Charolais, and my husband, Marc, will reach out.

How to Create a Healthy Homestead

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On the podcast we will be talking about…

  • Real Life– Life in the day of a ranch wife, homeschool momma, grandma (GiGi), living history event coordinator….We women are doing so many things. How do we manage all the stuff? I want to garden, raise animals—where do I start? I would like to make money from home and keep my priorities straight. We will be talking about this and more! (Spoiler alert…we don’t do it all.) Stop googling all over the place and take back your time by subscribing.
  • Authenticity, Honesty and Integrity – What you see is what you get with me.
  • Realistic expections – It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say…”Oh, I could never do that.” Or, “I just don’t have enough time.” Let’s crush our preconceived ideas of what a homestead or is and is not. Your homestead is where your heart is…your homeplace…the place you call home and raise your family. So, let’s stop comparing ourselves to others. (If you’re looking to be 100% self-sufficient tomorrow then this is not the place for you.)
  • Good Sense of Humor – This is a non-negotiable. We must stop taking ourselves so seriously. Really. Plus, you need a good sense of humor if you’re going to raise animals. Right? Let it rip potatoe chip!
  • Faith, Family, Heritage – Some of my favorite things to talk about!

Work with Me

I offer consults in the following areas (Book your free consult now):

  • I’ve been told that one of my giftings is to be able to quickly see a need and know how to fill it. Together we will brainstorm your next steps to create your own healthy homestead and even provide income for your family if that is a part of your plan.
  • As an herbal, animal aromatherapist and with a B.S. Animal Science, I can help you with using natural remedies for both your family and your animals.
  • I have homeschooled since 2005 and have a master’s degree in education. Let’s get clear on a plan that will work for your homeschool and get your curriculum questions answered.