Deborah’s Favorite Resources

My favorite essential oil company is doTERRA. Learn more about why and how to place your first order.

I love using Norwex products in conjunction with my essential oils. Some of my favorite things…mop, fruit and veggie scrubber, dusting cloth/mitt, counter cloths (paper towel replacer) and of course the multi-purpose cloth and window cloth set. (I prefer to NOT affiliate with Amazon. Therefore, you will see me referring you straight to the manufacturer in most cases.)

My favorite company for essential oil supplies is Oil Life. They have the droppers so you can reuse your oil bottles, cases…well just about anything you can think of to help you get the most of using your essential oils. I have a coupon code for you as well. Just use OLDWAYSMADENEW for $5 off an order of $25 or more.

For NuVet vitamin and Joint Supplements (Dogs and Cats): (Use code 70479 to checkout) or call toll free 1-800-474-7044 | M-F 7am-5pm PST (Canadians – just call it in)

We can discuss specific issues with your pets, horses, and livestock. All species welcome. I currently work directly with Dr. Janet Roark, the Essential Oil Vet, as her teaching assistant for her animal aromatherapy courses.

We have a community group on Facebook for those of you that would love to learn more about creating your own healthy homestead. It’s free!

I like to order my homeschool books from this company as well as Bible supplies.

I am Dr. Roark’s teaching assistant for her animal aromatherapy courses and will be in this group helping to answer questions as well. Get your questions answered by a veterinarian and check out all of her recommendations.

I will be using this resource for Latin, to add to my history curriculum, and more. I am currently reviewing their materials and will update soon. Just comment below if you have a question.

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