Please note…

  • Prices for the ball go up January 1st, 2024. So, families especially need to register by December 31st to get the best deal.
  • Day Pass for Living History Event only–$5, to be purchased at the gate.
  • Ball tickets includes a Day Pass for the Living History event as well! Just be sure to present your receipt at the front gate.
  • The ball will be held indoors at the Sunshine Inn.
  • Bonus: We have added a Friday afternoon “meet and greet the demonstrators” and opportunity for you to shop for the ball
  • Attire for the Ball: (To be clear…while attending the living history as a spectator you can wear modern day clothing)
    • Period dress from 1865 or earlier is requested but not required. We love having guests join us. Just please dress your best.
    • Dresses or long skirts for women, and slacks and ties for men are acceptable for guests
      • No skirts above the knee or plunging necklines for the ladies
      • No work clothes or tshirts and jeans for men
      • So, we welcome guests and would love for you to experience this event with us. Just be sure to dress up for the occasion. Your compliance in this area will allow us to refrain from requiring “period” dress for all. If you have any questions about where to purchase clothing or how to sew your own, send Deborah a message through the Contact Form.
  • If you would like to stay the weekend at Salmon Lake, you will want to set up reservations directly with the park.
  • By registering for the event, you are indicating that you and your guests have read and will abide by the above standards as well as the guidelines set by the event location. Thank you so much!
  • Guests under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an adult
  • If you haven’t read the details about the event, please be sure to do so.
  • If you are a demonstrator attending our event be sure to use this form to register instead.
  • Scroll down to see what others are saying.
  • Have questions? Ask away in the comments below.
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Purchase your Tickets

Your ticket includes your Day Pass for the living history, the New Year’s Ball, and our new “Meet the Demonstrators/Shop Early Event” on Friday afternoon. After you register, you will receive an email with your receipt which will serve as your ticket for the event. You will need to use this as your Day Pass ticket as well. Tickets are non-refundable.

Pineywoods Living History Token

We will be paying your Day Pass ticket out of funds received. We are trying to keep prices low so this event can continue to be enjoyed by families. We are happy to do so. If you have a little extra and would like to contribute we would appreciate. If not, no worries! Can’t wait to see you in January.

See what others are saying…

Carrie…We have attended for the last 10 years and don’t ever want to miss it! It has been a time to teach my children proper etiquette in asking ladies to dance (started when my son was 5 years old)… my daughter behaves like a lady and accepts dance offers,… there are so many things to like about this! Friends to make for young and old alike. A wonderful family time!

Kayla…My two little girls and I have attended the Living History event the last two years and it is has become a highlight for us: we love dressing in historical, reproduction clothing which makes us feel like we are stepping back in time. The setting of this event being in the old timey town with vintage buildings is super cute, and lends to the nostalgia in a different way than other living history/reenactment events where the only structures are white canvas tents which participants and demonstrators bring to set up. There are both at this event! It is really interesting to see how different people in various times, location and occupation/season of life would have lived, dressed and gone about their days. I enjoy that at this event you can see those varieties and learn from those portraying them. The Ball is definitely the most talked about part of our memories and anticipation, but dance practice, sitting around a campfire or table visiting with new and old friends, playing games, sharing adventures and eating good food together are also part of this time! It is always great to share things we have learned along the way with others, both living history participants/demonstrators and those from the public who come to learn and experience history. We ALL end up learning something new, and deepening our appreciation for history. It is a lot of fun and I encourage anyone with a shred of interest in history to attend for yourself and enjoy this time with us!

Kayla’s 11 year old daughter….”I LOVED THE BALL!!!!!!! It was SO much fun!!!! Anna, my little sister, also really enjoyed it. The cabin we had was amazing! Funny how I stayed in the White Mule Saloon! 😀 I remember helping Mama get herself and Anna ready and I could barely wait to go outside and look around “town” as I called it. The “town” is super cute! I enjoyed the cooking demonstration and the blacksmith. I love the lake next to everything! It was nice that there was a dance practice in the afternoon and also during the Ball we were taught how to do each dance.🤍 Great event!!! I loved it!!!!!❤️😀⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Kelsey…Last year was my group’s first year and we loved it! I particularly enjoyed the dance lessons! It was nice to have a fresh idea of how the dance went when we got to the ball, rather than trying to remember something I might have done three months ago.

Happi…Time has flown so quickly and its almost that time of year again. Last year was my third Pineywoods event. As always the loving camaraderie was like a big family reunion with new family always welcome. I rent one of the cabins every year and they are absolutely charming;if you are interested in a cabin book early. They go fast. The dinner and ball are wonderful fun with the old fashioned dances being called and dance lessons during the day for those (myself included) who are not so confident on the dance floor. Last year morning and afternoon meals could be purchased if you did not want to be bothered with cooking. For instance breakfast was breakfast burritos-and some other things I don’t remember. The servings were generous and tasty! I’ll post more details as I remember them. This year’s event promises to be great fun! Yall come!

LeAnn…Last year was my first Pineywoods. I thoroughly enjoyed the event which takes place at Salmon Lake. Transported back to the past in the old town area I visited with other Reenactors. My favorite part was the Ball, good food, new and old friends, and old fashioned dancing.

Kristi...Last year was our first time there. My son really enjoyed the demonstrations and the dance! It was great fun watching him learn the dances and then try them out later that day.

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