Interested in attending an event?  You will find a list of some of our favorites below along with some we coordinate ourselves.  Stay tuned to additional listings by subscribing to our site.
You will also find some of our favorite resources in our “Store”.  I actually learned to sew by using the guide you will find there to sew most of the clothes we use for living history.

To be more “period correct” we are not smiling in the picture to the left. Why? In the day, if you moved while the photographer was taking the picture it would be blurred. Subjects being photographed would have to be still for quite a period of time. Holding a smile that long would not be so easy.
Sam Davis New Year’s Ball*

A few of us gathered around a spring wagon enjoying some music at the Mound Prairie Living History.
January 6, 2018
“Mound Prairie Living History”*
April 20-22, 2018


*Events or living history areas we coordinate.

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