Researching and educating myself on the use of herbs, essential oils and other natural alternatives is one of my passions. Would you like to learn more? Be sure to subscribe to our website and join our Facebook group.  In the meantime, together we will begin to scratch the surface.

Real Foods

As you can see in the pyramid below, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is eating right. We want to choose whole foods our bodies can recognize. That is what is meant by “real foods”.
Let’s support our bodies so they can naturally “heal” themselves as God intended. For me that means choosing whole food supplements to compliment a “real foods” diet.
So, as we work on a healthy lifestyle, we want to eat right, exercise, rest and manage stress, and avoid toxins as much as possible.  Phew!  Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  Together we will take one step at a time!

Essential Oils

Purity and safety are a must with essential oils. The company I choose to purchase from conducts rigourous testing for this reason. Their commitment to quality and efficacy is out of this world.

I was also very impressed with the company’s Co-Impact Sourcing Program. With every product I purchase, I know I am helping a local farmer care for his family and live a better lifestyle. Plus, the essential oils are sourced right where they grow the best! That’s what I call a win-win!

Then, the Healing Hands Foundation is AMAZING!  You can join in the efforts by making a contribution with every order or by ordering special products.

You can even look up every batch of essential oil using the lot number on your oil and searching through the Source to You link.

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