Out of love for my family, I have been researching and educating myself in the use of herbs, essential oils and other natural alternatives to those I was taught growing up.  It all began about 20 years ago when I started researching a healthier way of living.

My intentions are to share what we ourselves are using and have found helpful.  I pray that this information will be useful to you as well.  Be sure to subscribe to our website as I am currently updating this page with more information.  I also now have a Facebook group that you can join as well.  Feel free to come join us and learn more about essential oils and natural health and wellness.  Below I have just skimmed the surface to give you a taste of what we will be discussing in the group.
​                                                                                                           ~Deborah

Real Foods

As you can see in the pyramid below, the foundation needed for living a healthy lifestyle is based on eating a healthy diet.   What we eat can either support the body’s natural healing process or deplete it.  No matter how well we eat, most of us will still need to supplement.   I personally choose to use essential oils and herbs as well as whole food supplements to compliment a “real foods” diet.    You want to support your body so that it can naturally “heal” itself as God intended.   So, as we work on a healthy lifestyle, we want to eat right, exercise, rest and manage stress, as we avoid toxins as much as possible.  Phew!  Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  Just start one step at a time making sure you have a solid foundation.
So, we want to eat right.  What does that mean? What are real foods in the first place?  To sum it up, real foods are foods your body recognizes as it begins to break down your meals by digesting your food.  Let’s say you eat an apple.  There are no chemicals on this particular apple and it hasn’t been treated in any way.  Your body recognizes this as a whole food, something created by God for us.  Your body digests the apple and receives the fuel it needs.  On the other hand, if you eat a meal that includes preservatives or other food additives your body will not recognize those ingredients.  Imagine a computer saying it cannot compute.  Your body then takes that and stores it as toxins in the body.  Guess how it is usually going to be stored…as FAT!  So, we want to make sure we eat a diet that is comprised primarily of “real food”.  Basically, we need to cook from scratch as much as possible and start reading our labels.
Even when we eat the very best way we possibly can, in this day and time it is usually not going to be enough.  If your body is already depleted it is most definitely not going to be enough.  I choose to use whole food supplements that can be easily recognized by the body.

Essential Oils

I am really impressed with the testing doTERRA * conducts to make sure their products are pure and safe.  Their commitment to quality and efficacy is what impressed me enough to give their products a try as well as their focus on encouraging their customers and advocates to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  I had no idea how focused they were on supporting the farmers and local communities through their Co-Impact Sourcing Program and charitable organizations.  You can also look up every batch of essential oil using the lot number on your oil and searching through their Source to You link.

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