Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our focus is to maintain and raise livestock guardian dogs that will protect your livestock.  Our Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) come from working bloodlines. Our dogs have no Anatolian Shepherd bloodlines or bloodlines from outside the LGD breeds.  We were assured our female is pure Great Pyrenees.  (She had her dam and sire on site.)  The main thing we liked about her was the fact that her parents worked.  Our male is actually 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Akbash, which is another LGD breed we like.  You wouldn’t know it unless I told you because he looks just like a pure Pyrenees, but I’m just being honest.  Our neighbor owned his sire and we owned the dam.   The sire’s grandfather was an AKC registered Great Pyrenees show dog that was raised on a working farm.  The grandfather’s parents were both working dogs as well.   Our sire’s dam came with a herd of goats we purchased and she was an awesome working dog.  She is where the Akbash comes in.   You can read some stories about the sire and dam below.  Also, you can read more about raising livestock guardian dogs in general in the Texas A&M research publication you will find below.  We have done our best to follow these guidelines ourselves.  That is why we have our current litter with our goats and their momma now, as well as free-range chickens and and ducks that come and go as they please.

This litter was born January 1, 2017, and are ready to go to their new homes.  About half of the litter has badger markings.  These markings will fade as the puppy matures.  Where there is black on the puppy now, it will probably fade to a steel gray as you can see on our dam’s ears.  She had several badger markings as a pup.

They were raised up on Diamond All Natural Large Breed puppy food, but are now transitioned over to Victor Nutra Pro all life stages dog food (As of April 2).  Our puppies  have been socialized with our family when we feed them, which includes children, but not spoiled.  They have also been bonding with chickens, geese, ducks and goats to help prepare them to go to work for you.   They were able to go back and forth into the goat pen and had  their own special area where they were fed.  We have been paying attention to their personalities and how they interact with us and the livestock. So, we are ready to help you pick out the perfect puppy for your situation.    We have both working parents on site.

We now have one male available.  He has received 3 vaccinations and is in the last two pictures.   Updated May 27, 2017:  Two more pictures added of “Tex”.  He is doing great!  He is also now on NexGard flea/tick medication.

Please, email, call or text Deborah to discuss this puppy or future litters.  (903 724 1406 or email)


The  First set of pictures taken at about 4 weeks old.  Then, there are a  few with goats which were taken at 7 weeks.  There is another set of pictures at the end taken at about 10 weeks.  The last two pictures were taken at 11 weeks.  The puppies have been let out with the goats and chickens and are showing great potential.  In the next to the last picture, you cannot see what the puppy is looking at, but he is watching the chickens and ducks as well as the goats.

This litter was actually about half badger markings and half without.  Only one had badger markings on whole body.  There was a total of 7 males and 2 females in the litter.

I received this picture from a lady that picked up a puppy to take to her working home.  She says that the pup is doing great with her chickens and goats.
​Updated June 2, 2017, with another picture of this same girl guarding her goats in her new home.



There are so many stories I could tell you about my sire and dam, but I will stick with one each.

When our sire, Buddy, was born here on our place, we kept him because we loved how both of his parents worked.  He and my infant son were “toddlers” together.  One day I had the baby on a throw outside with my daughters nearby and had stepped into the house for a bit.  My daughters told me he had tried to crawl off the throw, but that Buddy had gently grabbed him by the diaper and pulled him back!!  That was as a puppy but he stills has that protective instinct and does a great job warning our livestock and other LGDs of predators.  (I could go on and on about him but…)

Then there is our dam, Sonya.  She turns out to be more of the scout guardian around here.  However, since we only have two right now on the majority of 146 acres, she and Buddy each have to split up the jobs and do a little of everything.  My favorite story about her is a story my husband likes to tell.  He heard a cow frantically calling and a calf bellowing in the corner of our property but couldn’t see her for the tree line.  He could hear Sonya barking but could not see her either.  He jumped in his truck and drove around just in time to see that a coyote had been chasing a calf and Sonya got to it just in time to chase the coyote off of the property.

(Mar 2, 2017) Kristen M said:

After quite sometime of looking for a Pyrenees, we found Deborah and her pyrenees pups, and it was the perfect match for us. When contacting Deborah about her litter, and she and I spoke for a while on the phone to make sure the puppy was going to be just what we needed for our family. We were looking for a pet puppy rather than a working puppy. Deborah made sure to give us as much information as possible so we could pick the pup that would be best for us and to ensure that the pup would be happy with our lifestyle as well. We are not local to her area, and she made the experience so easy for us! We went to see the puppies with mom and dad on site, and you can tell they really take great care of all their animals and love them! We got to spend time with the puppies and took home our sweet baby girl, Aero. She has been such a joy to have in our home, and we are loving everything about her! She is so playful and gets along really great with our male lab/golden mix who is 5 years old. We are excited to be first time Pyrenees parents and so thankful that Deborah was the one who helped us find the perfect pup!”